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Our before and after photo gallery portrays many different dental problems and their ultimate solutions. This portfolio is a very small fraction of the tens of thousands of dental restorations we have performed over the last 37 years. If you would like to see more examples, please call us at 201-447-9700 and we will be happy to show you additional cases. You can also visit our other website, www.CosmeticDentist.com, for more before and after photos of cosmetic, implant, and restorative dental solutions.




This patient has a condition known as bruxism where he grinds his teeth while he sleeps. After years of wearing down his teeth from grinding, his teeth were restored with porcelain crowns.



Advanced gum disease (periodontal disease) destroyed this patient's smile over time. Her front teeth were removed and her back teeth were treated with periodontal surgical procedures. Final fixed porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns were able to restore her smile again.



Tooth decay destroyed a once beautiful smile. A porcelain-fused-to-gold alloy bridge was fabricated to restore this patient's smile.



This patient had two options to straighten his teeth. He could either undergo 2 years of orthodontic treatment or 2 visits for porcelain crown restorations. He chose the porcelain crown method for an instant 2 visit smile.



This patient had her uneven gum line surgically corrected, followed by 8 porcelain veneers. Her treatment was completed in just 2 simple visits.



This young girl had recurrent decay which destroyed her crowns and teeth. Once the decay was removed, her smile was restored using porcelain crowns on the upper teeth along with porcelain crowns and a partial appliance on the lower jaw.



Even cases of advanced decay and malocclusion can be restored with porcelain crowns in a relatively short period of time.



Worn, tetracycline stained teeth were restored with full mouth porcelain-fused-to-gold alloy crowns.



Notice how this patient's old bridge had no pink gum tissue between each of her teeth. A more natural looking fixed bridge was made using artificial life-like gum replacement to create a more youthful looking smile.



This gentleman lost most of his upper teeth. They were replaced with multiple dental implants and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns.



Nothing is more distracting than uneven gum tissue around the teeth. A combination of crown lengthening surgery followed by 6 porcelain veneers was the solution for a better looking smile.



Look at what a difference porcelain veneers can make in only 2 simple visits.



Small underdeveloped teeth with spaces are easily corrected with porcelain veneers.



This large overbite was corrected with porcelain crowns in only 3 visits, instead of 2 years of orthodontic treatment.



A moderate gummy smile can be corrected with minor gum surgery and porcelain crowns in just a few visits.



It's absolutely amazing how dental implants and permanent porcelain crowns can have a dramatic effect on the way a patient looks.



Even a severely worn dentition can be restored with full mouth porcelain crowns.



Notice how this patient's original crowns on her upper right side were made too short and severe gum recession led to an unsightly look. New porcelain crowns with artificial gum tissue were fabricated, re-establishing a youthful and pleasant smile.



This patient had a large diastema space between her front central incisors. This space was closed using four porcelain veneers in only two simple visits.



This young woman's teeth were worn down from grinding while she slept, a condition known as bruxism. Longer and more youthful looking teeth were created using 10 porcelain veneers in only two visits.



This severe case of grinding (bruxism) destroyed this patient's lower front teeth to a point where 4 root canals were necessary. His arch of teeth were ultimately restored to their original shape and size.



This woman lost all of her upper teeth from periodontal disease. However, she was able to get her smile back with a natural and youthful looking denture.



Here is another example of a patient who replaced failing teeth and crowns in his upper arch with multiple dental implants and new porcelain crowns. Artificial gum tissue was used to replace the missing gums.



Years of teeth grinding collapsed this patient's bite. His bite was raised and his smile was restored with a full mouth rehabilitation consisting of all porcelain crowns.



This patient chose to avoid a very long surgical procedure known as orthognathic surgery to correct a severely collapsed underbite. By using full mouth porcelain crowns and veneers to raise his bite, his malocclusion was corrected giving him a more natural looking bite arrangement.



Fixed bridges can be used to replace missing teeth when dental implants are not an option. To achieve a natural look, artificial gum replacement was applied to the gumline of the porcelain bridge.



Advanced gummy smile correction requires multiple procedures. In this case, crown lengthening surgery lifted the gums higher. This was followed by shortening the resulting longer teeth and then covering them with all porcelain veneers.



This is another case showing the benefits of crown lengthening surgery followed by six porcelain veneers.



Even severely crooked teeth like these can be made to look straight with porcelain veneers. The alternative would be 2-3 years of full mouth braces to complete orthodontic therapy.



This woman's very high lip line was corrected by removing excess bone that was pushing out her upper gum tissue, exaggerating her gummy smile. This was followed by shortening her upper teeth and then covering them with porcelain veneers.



This patient's missing teeth were replaced with a dental implant bridge. The rest of the teeth were restored with porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers.



This beautiful smile was created by placing porcelain veneers on all of the teeth that can be seen when the patient smiles. Total treatment time was only two visits.



This patient had severe gum recession caused by periodontal disease. This left dark tunnels between all of her front teeth. To remedy the problem, new porcelain crowns were fabricated with a covering of artificial pink gum tissue to close all those dark spaces.



This beautiful smile was created by placing porcelain veneers on all teeth that can be seen when the patient smiles. Total treatment time was only two visits.



This patient had his missing teeth and smile restored with a full upper denture.


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