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Dental Miracles




This young woman presented with a "diastema" or space between her maxillary two central incisors. She also wanted to permanently brighten up her overall smile

The solution was creating ten porcelain veneers which applied to her maxillary teeth in just two easy visits.
No more diastema and a brighter smila changed her entire facial look.




This patient was unhappy with her maxillary incisors. Her central incisors slanted in while her
lateral incisors flared out. Too much gum tissue added additional visual complication.
Her bicuspid teeth slanted inward, creating a narrow arch.

Her concerns were satisfied by trimming away the excess gum tissue above her maxillary central
incisors and placing ten porcelain veneers. Her central incisors were brought forward while her
lateral incisors were brought in. The outer surfaces of her bicuspids were brought out to broaden
her arch. All this was accomplished in just two visits.




Here we see that the edges of her maxillary four incisors are extremely worn and her teeth are yellow.

By placing eight veneers, she was able to restore her four incisors and broaden the look of her smile.
What a difference!



Jaw Surgery Alternatives

This patient had acromeglia. The result was an overgrowth of his lower jaw bone result in your class III underbite appearance to use of full mouth custom porcelain crown restorations we were able to change his bite so that they can accommodate a more natural set of teeth and at the same time correcting his jaw appearance relationships. He was told that he would have to undergo extensive orthographic surgery and orthodontic treatment which would think approximately 2 ½ years to complete. When he came to our office for a nonsurgical alternative we presented the case which he ultimately followed through on completed his reconstruction and only two weeks!



Jaw Surgery Alternatives

This patient was able to correct his underbite appearance two visits with combination of porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers the postop pictures here were taking 25 years later. Patient is still very happy and is jaw relationships remain stable during the last 2 ½ decades.


Periodontal Disease

Patient came to us with severe periodontal disease. After one month of conservative periodontal treatment, her gums will return to state of optimum health and all loose teeth became firm. All mouth odor associated with her disease gums totally disappeared.


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