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Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are often times when the amount of dental treatment needed is very extensive, requiring full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction, or full mouth rehabilitation, is the process of restoring and rebuilding most or all of the teeth in the mouth.

The 8 most common reasons for full mouth reconstruction are:

  1. Cosmetic enhancement
  2. Missing teeth
  3. Periodontal disease
  4. Occlusal wear
  5. Rampant decay
  6. Mutilated dentition
  7. Acid erosion
  8. Underbite/malocclusion
Full mouth reconstruction due to any of the above reasons is no simple task.  Every individual has unique, one of a kind dental problems that must be individually diagnosed and treated.  Advanced training and experience in prosthodontic, surgical, and periodontal techniques are essential to restoring a patient’s mouth successfully.  We pride ourselves with having the experience, knowledge, and talent required in these disciplines to properly diagnose and treat the most challenging and advanced dental cases.
Cosmetic Enhancement
More than 50% of Americans are said to be unhappy with the way their smiles look. These patients want cosmetic dental restorations that will make them look and feel better while also improving the overall health of their mouths. For these patients, the dentists at the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry use a variety of restorative techniques such as porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, and porcelain bridges. We work with the most talented dental laboratory technicians to achieve a smile that looks real and natural and that enhances the overall cosmetic appearance of your lower face.
We can transform an ordinary smile into an extraordinary smile, often in only two visits. These procedures can be painless, and the results are truly dramatic. For apprehensive or phobic dental patients, we offer a variety of sedation techniques to relieve anxiety and fear during treatment. Fear of dentistry does not have to be a barrier to achieving a beautiful smile.
Spaces between teeth
Spaces corrected with porcelain veneers
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Missing Teeth
When a person is missing teeth, there are many fixed and removable treatment options. For a natural-looking, permanent, long-lasting result, dental implants are often the best solution. Dr Kurpis has been placing and restoring dental implants for over 37 years. That makes him one of the most experienced implant dentists in the entire country. In fact, Dr Kurpis was a pioneer in dental implantology. He was a professor at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine where he taught dental implant techniques, has lectured extensively throughout the world on dental implantology, and was even granted a United States patent on a dental implant he invented. Dr Kurpis has the vast knowledge, experience, and talent needed to place and restore dental implants.
For oral rehabilitations requiring advanced knowledge of bite relationships, our office provides diagnostic services and all methods of tooth replacement and bite reconstruction. We offer a variety of fixed and removable prosthetic options to replace missing teeth.
There is no reason to suffer with missing teeth any longer. Our group of dentists and specialists at the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry are available in one convenient location to restore your entire mouth to a state of comfort and health. We'll have you smiling again before you know it!

Missing teeth restored with dental implants
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Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease (gum disease) is a destructive disease of the bone and soft tissue surrounding the teeth. As periodontal disease progresses, teeth become loose and eventually fall out. At the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry, we use a variety of cutting edge techniques to treat periodontal disease, restore loose or missing teeth, and replace missing gum tissue. Patients are amazed that we can save teeth that others have condemned as "hopeless" with advanced surgical techniques in combination with prosthodontic splinted restorations. We use the latest techniques in bone and tissue grafting and we restore missing pink gum tissue with synthetic replacements. Our patients report that our results are truly amazing. If your teeth have been destroyed by periodontal disease, our periodontist, along with our team of dentists, will return your mouth to a natural looking state of health, functionality, and comfort.
Teeth failing from periodontal disease
Mouth restored after periodontal treatment and porcelain crowns
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Occlusal Wear
There are many people who grind their teeth during the day or while sleeping. Grinding, also known as bruxism, can excessively wear the teeth down to a point where they are unsightly and the bite begins to collapse. A collapsed bite not only makes a person look older, it may also lead to other problems with chewing or Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction.
Bite restoration is complex and requires knowledge, talent, and experience to know just how much a bite should be raised to complete the full mouth restoration successfully. No two occlusal wear patterns are alike, so we take special precautions with our diagnosis and occlusal analysis before attempting to rehabilitate a mouth that exhibits occlusal wear. Our team has the necessary knowledge and experience to restore worn and collapsed dentitions.
Occlusal wear from grinding
Mouth restored with porcelain crowns
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Rampant Decay
Tooth decay often progresses rapidly and destructively. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as a high sugar diet, drug abuse, or patient neglect. We will never judge you. Our only goal is to help you get back to a state of health where you can be confident and start to smile again.
Whatever the cause for rampant decay, the solution is full mouth rehabilitation with porcelain crowns and/or dental implants. All decay/cavities are removed and the teeth are permanently repaired before crowns are placed on the teeth. Once the new crowns are cemented in place, a completely restored, natural looking smile is achieved.
Taking the first step and coming in for a consultation is difficult for many people. But once the journey is complete, patients always tell us they can't believe they waited so long to restore their teeth.
Teeth destroyed by extreme decay
Mouth restored with porcelain crowns
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Mutilated Dentition
Many people neglect their teeth and fail to seek dental treatment for years. This may be due to dental fears, lack of funds for dental care, or simply not enough time to properly address the problems as the teeth breakdown or are lost. Many patients are told that their situation is hopeless and that the only solution is full dentures. Before considering dentures, come to the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry for a second opinion. You will be amazed at the cutting edge techniques we have available that just may be the answer to avoiding full dentures.
When patients feel that they are finally ready to restore their teeth, they can begin their journey towards full mouth reconstruction. At the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry, we use a team approach to restore complex multilated dentitions. Our goal is to restore dental health and function in harmony with esthetics. Ask to see before and after pictures from our vast portfolio of full mouth rehabilitations and see what we can do for you.
Advanced collapsed bite and missing teeth
Teeth and bite restored with porcelain crowns and implants
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Acid Erosion
Acid erosion is a very destructive process causing rapid and excessive wear of tooth enamel. Once the enamel layer is worn away, the softer dentin layer is exposed and tooth wear and deterioration accelerates. It is not uncommon to see a full mouth of teeth totally destroyed in a relatively short period of time. The four main causes of acid erosion are: a highly acidic diet, drug abuse, stomach acid regurgitation, and bulimia. Our office is trained to manage and repair the destruction caused by acid erosion and support patients with extenuating circumstances contributing to this process. Please do not feel embarrassed. We understand your problem and can help to get your teeth healthy and beautiful again.
Teeth destroyed by acid erosion are typically restored with porcelain veneers or full mouth dental crowns. If you suffer from the destructive nature of acid erosion, you no longer need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Take comfort in knowing that our group of dentists at the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry understands your situation and is here to restore your smile in only a few short visits.
Thinning enamel from acid erosion
Teeth restored with porcelain veneers
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Having an underbite or any form of dental malocclusion can create difficulty chewing and can cause insecurity and low self-esteem. Many people are told that the only way to correct their malocclusion is to go through extensive orthodontic treatment or to undergo radical and risky orthognathic surgery. These alternatives take years to accomplish and are very costly. Complications from surgery can be drastic and often permanent. If you have an underbite and do not want to wait years for orthodontic treatment, or do not want to risk the dangers of orthognathic surgery, come see what the dentists at the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry can do for you. In only two visits, we can dramatically transform your smile and your profile. Let us show you actual cases and videos of people just like you who have gone through this process and are amazed by the results.
Severe underbite
Severe underbite
Profile view of underbite
Profile corrected with porcelain crowns
Underbite corrected with porcelain crowns
Smile restored
If you suffer from any of the above dental problems or find that you have difficultly eating, speaking, or smiling, we can restore your mouth to a healthy, functional, and beautiful state through full mouth reconstruction. This website highlights only a small sample of the many ways in which we can dramatically change your smile. You owe it to yourself to see what we can do for you and your unique, one of a kind dental situation. So please schedule a complimentary consultation and learn about the amazing ways we can rebuild and restore your smile.
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Example of Advanced Full Mouth Reconstruction
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