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Latest Dental Technology

At the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry, you will benefit from the latest in dental technology. Our office is outfitted with state of the art dental equipment that enables us to provide cutting edge diagnose and treatment. By utilizing the newest advances in science and technology, we are able to practice thorough, precise, and esthetically superior dentistry. As dentistry and technology evolve, so do we!
Below is just a small sample of the many high-tech devices you will find at our center:
Intra-oral Cameras
These amazing little cameras allow us to visualize and diagnose areas of the mouth that in the past were nearly impossible to see. With intra-oral cameras we can take pictures of the farthest corners of your mouth and enlarge them on a monitor so we can find problem areas and discuss them with you. These cameras not only assist our diagnosis, they also improve our ability to educate our patients. We also use our intra-oral cameras to take before and after picture of procedures, to document specific problem areas, and to send images to insurance companies to help process claims.


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Low Radiation Digital X-rays
At our office, we want you to have a healthy and safe experience. That is why we only use low radiation digital x-rays. Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by 90% compared to conventional film x-rays. This is not only healthier for you and our staff, it is also better for the environment because we no longer use harsh processing chemicals.

Digital x-rays provide instant images on a computer screen. This allows us to see immediately if we have the image we want, eliminating the need for multiple x-rays of the same tooth. Digital x-rays also enable us to display your teeth on a monitor, point out potential problem areas, and discuss your treatment plan with you. Furthermore, digital x-rays show such impressive detail, they allow us to see things that cannot be seen on conventional film x-rays. This technology aids in our diagnosis and helps us discover dental problems when they are still minor.

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Digital Panoramic X-rays
Our low radiation digital panoramic x-ray machine creates a broad overview of the entire mouth. This x-ray provides us with information about the teeth, upper and lower jawbone, sinuses, and other hard and soft tissues of the head and neck. Like regular digital x-rays, panoramic digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90% when compared to conventional film x-rays.

One reason our patients like panoramic x-rays is because they are so comfortable to take. Unlike intra-oral x-rays where the film or sensor is placed inside the patient's mouth, the panoramic sensor is inside a machine that moves around the patient's head. The machine circles the patient's head and produces a digital image of the entire mouth on a computer screen.

Panoramic x-rays have many useful applications. They can be used to evaluate wisdom teeth, reveal deep cavities and gum disease, analyze temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, assess bone quantity and quality for implants or dentures, evaluate suspicious pathology, and locate injuries. Panoramic x-rays can also reveal unusual anatomic anomalies and pathologies, and can show sinus infections. For many patients, the panoramic x-ray is an important part of a comprehensive dental examination.
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Cavity Detecting Software
Our dentists use Logicon Caries Detector Software, a computer program that analyzes your digital x-rays and detects small cavities between your teeth. This software is clinically proven to help dentists find 20% more cavities than with traditional methods. By detecting cavities when they are small and easily corrected, we help our patients avoid the financial burden and time commitment associated with larger dental problems. No more surprises at your dental check-ups! We will inform you when cavities are just beginning to form and will teach you ways that you can actually reverse these small cavities, eliminating the need for drilling!

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Cosmetic Imaging
Have you ever wondered what your smile would look like with whiter, straighter, or more attractive teeth? We have the tools to show you! Using cosmetic imaging software and chair side composite mock-ups, we can demonstrate just how amazing you will look with a new smile. Come in for a complimentary consultation and let us show you how great your smile can be.

Cosmetic imaging software shows patient
how smile will look after treatment


Composite mock-up shows patient how
underbite can be corrected with treatment
In addition to the latest equipment, we also employ the newest dental materials and techniques available to provide our patients with the best that dentistry has to offer!
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