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"Your satisfaction means everything to us. It is the reason we work so hard to provide you with the best care and service" . . . Dr. Kurpis

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Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Thank you for an amazing job. The quality, naturalness, and perfect fit, size and shape of the veneers are truly remarkable. The experience could not have been more professionally or expertly done. The staff, both medical, and behind the scenes are top-notch. I recommend you highly to all.
Andre L.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Since receiving my porcelain laminates, I've had many remarks about looking healthy and young. People don't remark specifically about my "gleaming" teeth as they look natural but I get complements about my appearance. Maybe it's because I like to smile a lot-with my new teeth.
Thank you so much,
Carol C.

Dear Dr Welch,
Thank you for bringing my confidence back, for the kindness and respect you have shown me, and for always laughing at my jokes.
With Warm Regards,
Tony R.
Dear Dr. Kurpis,
I just want to thank Dr. Kurpis for giving me a reason to smile again. Before all these procedures I was very unhappy with my smile. Everytime I used to talk to people I would look the other way so they would not see my teeth. I hated pictures and would never smile. I always said to myself, I have to fix this problem so I went to Dr. Kurpis, MY HERO! Now I talk to people face to face without turning away and I smile often. Thank you Dr. Kurpis.
Damary M.

Dear Dr. Welch,
I can't thank you enough for making over my smile. It looks amazing! I have gotten so many compliments from my family, friends, and co-workers. I'm constantly looking in the mirror and smiling now. I was a little nervous and apprehensive in the beginning because I wasn't sure if the procedure would be painful. I also wasn't sure how the finished product would turn out. However, you and your staff were very nice. You answered all of my questions and always made me feel comfortable through the whole process. It really was quick and painless. I would definitely recommend getting veneers to someone.
Thanks again for making my smile beautiful. You're the best!


Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Just wanted to thank you again for truly giving me something to smile about! I am so happy with the outcome-but of course that's why I came to you. You are truly an artist and a perfectionist. Thank You!

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
My double implant (lower right end tooth) has worked perfectly. I had very little pain and a speedy recovery. It worked so well for me that my husband has had three implants done by Dr. Kurpis.
Elizabeth E.

Dear Dr. Lauren Welch,
Thank you and your wonderful staff, so very much, for the kind and caring attention that you gave me.
With much Affection, Admiration, and Appreciation,


Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Thank you Dr. Kurpis for a beautiful smile. For several months I searched the web for a cosmetic dentist who could design a smile that would complement my facial features. Only your Website offered the kind of natural looking smile that I was looking for. Most other websites showed before and after photos that had a very "one size fits all" look that did not appear very natural at all. I also found your credentials to be the very best I could find. You are clearly the most qualified expert in your field with a very talented eye for aesthetics. In two visits you were able to transform my widely gapped teeth into a beautiful natural smile that truly reflects my personality. I look younger, healthier, and much happier. Simply put, Dr. Kurpis, you are the very best.
Elizabeth K.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
I can not thank you enough for giving me the most beautiful smile in the world! I feel so much more confident and have not taken the smile off my face. You truly are amazing. Having whiter and straighter teeth has given me more confidence than I have ever had. I can not believe how natural my teeth look. Words cannot describe how happy and satisfied I am! Thank you again for all that you did, especially giving me that glamorous smile!
Emily K.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
I heartily recommend Dr. Kurpis for the implants he has put into my mouth. One implant has been there for 16 years
Estelle L.

Dear Dr Welch,
Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and for being so kind and gentle!


Dear Dr. Kurpis,
I am happy to report that the tooth implants that Dr. Kurpis installed sixteen years ago are as good today as the day they were put in.
Herbert M.

Dear Dr Lauren Kurpis Welch,
Your caring and consideration is so very impressive! You and your lovely staff make what could be very stressful, stress-less dentistry. I am so very appreciative that you helped me out.


Dear Dr. Kurpis,
I would like to offer a word of advice to anyone with even the littlest bit of interest in cosmetic dentistry. Before I had my teeth fixed I was a bit skeptical, and so were those around me. Since having it done all minds have changed. I smile all day long, and the people around me can see the difference. It is something I wanted done for a long time but was searching for the right doctor. Believe me when I tell you, "you have come to the right place." At my consultation Dr. Kurpis made me a promise that I would love my new smile. Today I can say thank you because I am like a new person. Like I said earlier, if you are even slightly interested then get it done. My confidence level is sky-high. It has truly changed my life.
Jerry B.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Dr. Kurpis is a genius! I never thought the implant experience could be so painless. My teeth look gorgeous, I'm not afraid to smile and my family says I look much happier all the time. Kudos to Dr. Kurpis and his entire staff.
Joan E.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Thanks so much for restoring my smile. As far as my implants are concerned, I cannot tell the difference between these and my natural teeth. Again I cannot thank you enough.
John A.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps in this case it's not a picture, but a woman's smile and in this particular case the woman's smile is mine.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for not only enhancing the way I look, but also changing the way I feel.
I recently was involved in a photo shoot where the photographer kept echoing what a beautiful smile I had and how it seemed to light my entire face.
That light, or halo of happiness, comes from a talented dentist and a woman who has a reason to smile.
My sincerest thanks,

Lisa C.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
I just wanted to say thanks for giving me my confidence back! You are truly an artist as well as a great dentist. When I left your office today, I don't think that it was my new teeth that I wasn't used to, per say, I think it was all the attention I was getting---that's hard getting used to!
Lisa S.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Dr. Kurpis fitted me with implants 23 years ago, and I have been very satisfied with the results all this time. The implants have been more comfortable than my own teeth were the last few years I had them.
Maria O.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
For years I suffered from bad teeth and periodontal disease. I felt I would do anything to avoid dentures.
Finally I was referred to Dr. Kurpis-having been treated unsuccessfully by many other dentists. Dr. Kurpis felt the best thing would be an overhang denture, which I agreed to.
That was 23 years ago, and since the day the work was completed, I have had nothing beyond minor repair work-no discomfort and the ability to eat any kind of food. I highly recommend this.

Maria O.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Thank you so very much for the fantastic job you have done with my teeth. In the past, I would have smiled on very rare occasions. When I did smile, it was a very smug, closed mouth insincere looking smile. This was due to the fact that I was very embarrassed to smile. I had very crooked, yellow stained teeth, and was very self-conscious. People perceived me as being much too serious or snobby. This was not the case at all.
Since the beautiful job you have done on my teeth in August, I have been receiving compliments on my smile and my teeth continuously. I wish I would have known about your work years ago. I had never imagined the entire procedure would be so quick and so painless. You are truly a master of your art.
Thank you Dr. Kurpis.

Marina K.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
Thank you very much for all of the work you have done on my teeth. Both you and your staff have treated me well and your quality of work was fantastic. I am very sorry that I haven't sent you my testimonial until now; things have been rather hectic here over the past few weeks.
Having Dr. Kurpis put porcelain veneers on my teeth is one of the best decisions I could have made. As a young attorney, my image is very important to me. Not only was Dr. Kurpis' quality of work fantastic, but dealing with him and his staff was a joy as well. They made a potentially complicated procedure very simple and an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Dr. Kurpis to anyone who needs any type of cosmetic dental work.
Hope that is helpful!

Matt S
Dear Dr. Kurpis,
After being involved in a motor vehicle accident in 1997, my teeth were repaired by another dentist with porcelain veneers. The veneers appeared bulky and masculine and fell off frequently. After extreme frustration I was referred to Dr. Kurpis and my mouth was transformed. The veneers fit my mouth better and look perfect. In fact, other dentists have commented that they were unsure if my teeth were veneers because they look so natural. In addition, Dr. Kurpis has a gentle disposition with a great bedside manner. But, most important to me is that my teeth finally stay in my mouth!
Michele H.

Dear Dr. Kurpis,
With my wedding only three months away, I knew I was not happy with my smile and I wanted everything to be perfect for this special day in my life. I had braces as a kid but my teeth had shifted over the years and whitening procedures were not giving me the results that I was looking for. I researched cosmetic dentistry online and came across Dr. Kurpis. I was very impressed with his credentials, so I made an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Kurpis explained to me how veneers could give me a perfect smile that I was never able to achieve. I was nervous to schedule the procedure because you only get one set of permanent teeth so you need to be careful what you do with them! Dr. Kurpis and his staff erased all of my concerns so I went ahead and booked the procedure. It's been one week since the procedure and I am very happy with the results. My smile finally is the way I always envisioned it to be. I can't wait to take my wedding pictures now!
Michelle L.

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