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Second Opinion

Do you ever feel confused after seeing a dentist, or find that your questions or concerns about treatment were not answered? Have you been presented with a treatment plan and feel unsatisfied with the options given to you? If you are experiencing any doubts or confusion about your dental treatment, then it is time for a second opinion. At the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentistry, you will find a knowledgeable team working together to answer all of your questions and produce the ideal treatment options for you. Our center is unique because our patients benefit from the experience and professional opinions of multiple dentists and specialists all under one roof. No more bouncing from one office to the next in search of answers! We also use state of the art equipment, digital x-rays, and advanced software and we offer a variety of restorative and surgical procedures not commonly found in a general dental office.

Second Opinion Dental Ridgewood NJ

Patients come to the Kurpis Center for Advanced Dentisty for second opinions for all kinds of dental treatment. We commonly provide second opinions for situations such as the following:

Need for root canal treatment
Need for periodontal treatment
Need for teeth removal/extraction
Dental implant treatment
Cosmetic dental problems
Ill fitting removable dentures or partial dentures
Gummy smiles
Full mouth reconstruction
Invisible braces
TMJ problems
Atypical facial pain
Failing root canals
Failing dental implants
Need for bone grafts
Failing crown or bridge
Cracked tooth
Silver amalgam removal
Destruction of teeth from bulimia
Excessive occlusal wear
Teeth grinding
Sensitive teeth
Bleeding gums
Bite problems
Orthognathic surgery alternatives
Tetracycline stained teeth
Dark gum tissue
Alternatives to dentures
Dental phobia
Financial options for dental procedures

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There are many more unusual dental problems that may require a second opinion. If you feel confused or unsure of any aspect of your dental treatment and want the experience and opinions of world renowned clinicians, please see us for a complimentary second opinion. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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